Brace- M-Brace Mercurio Ankle Support (#15)

Brace- M-Brace Mercurio Ankle Support (#15)
SKU: 12-020
Manufacturer Part: 15 (One-size)
Price: $54.99
Product Details
When you need more than just the basics the M-Brace Mercurio Ankle Lock Ankle Brace #15 will deliver solid level II support for your ankle sprain, rehabilitation and to manage swelling. The ankle brace fits the contours of your foot so it feels comfortable and natural. At the same time, the figure-eight strap delivers extra ankle support and stays firmly in place with two Velcro closures just above your ankle. It’s the ultimate comfort for your ultimate recovery. Product Details: Fits right or left foot Figure-eight stabilizing strap and Velcro closures Low profile Non-allergenic, skin-friendly 100% breathable, natural cotton velour Suitable for light compression and support, ankle distortions, ankle sprains, post-trauma rehab and post-rehab sports resumption Sizing/Additional Information: One-size-fits-all Washable for easy care Can be worn on top of a sock or directly against skin