Empi Cefar Basic TENS Unit

Empi Cefar Basic TENS Unit
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Cefar Basic offers TENS programs for most of the common pain indications. Cefar Basic has 3 preset treatment programs: TENS Conventional, TENS Burst and Modulated TENS (pulse width) programs. The Cefar Basic has two channels, so you can ease pain in two places at once. The channels use the same stimulation program. The Cefar Basic has an automatic keypad lock, which prevents the amplitude from being changed accidentally. This means that you can use the Cefar Basic during activity, wherever you are, without having to worry about the amplitude changing. The Cefar Basic has a timer. If you choose to activate it, the stimulator switches off after 30 minutes of stimulation. If you do not activate the timer, the stimulation continues until you switch it off manually. The Cefar Basic has a belt clip so you can attach the stimulator to a pocket or a necklace to hang around your neck. The Cefar Basic runs on regular 1.5 V AA batteries, which you can buy in any store. You can also use rechargeable batteries. The Cefar Basic has three preset programs. If you have received TENS treatment from a physiotherapist, follow the advice you received from them about choice of program and placement of electrodes.