MKO Moist Heat - King (12" x 16")

MKO Moist Heat - King (12" x 16")
MKO Moist Heat - King (12" x 16")
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MediBeads Moist Heat Pack, King Size 12"x16"

MediBeads King Size Pad 12" x 16", Back, Abdomen Delivers a moist heat treatment when lying in bed or sitting in a chair. Relieves aches and pains in the shoulder, back and abdomen. MediBeads are washable, odor-free, dust free, and will not support bacteria or fungi growth. Unlike grain and pellet products, MediBeads need no special covers, will not dry out, dissolve, or develop odors. MediBeads draw moisture from the air and release it as CLEAN, deep-penetrating, moist heat when microwaved for just a minute or two.


  • Sewn into soft plush fabric, MediBeads conform to any contour, permitting a soft, snug fit and providing maximum benefit from each treatment. With no boiling water or drippy mess, amazing MediBeads deliver moist heat therapy safely, effectively, and economically.