Outdoor Aluminium Grab Rail (4 Foot)

Outdoor Aluminium Grab Rail (4 Foot)
SKU: 08-599-B
Manufacturer Part: INC 1298B
Price: $124.99
Product Details
This newly developed handrail system is second to none. Made of 100% pure aluminum, a modern and stylish handrail bracket, the handrail system is sure to put you a step ahead of the competition. The handrail is tubular, 2 inches in diameter, with makes it very easy to grip, and is very appealing to the eye as a finished product. Our maintenance free handrail system can be used to replace an old, rotting existing handrail, or used to add as a new safety feature, or accommodate elderly or disabled persons. The very durable handrail comes in stock sizes of 4 and 5 feet.