Zorbi Solidifying Powder (400g Jar)

Zorbi Solidifying Powder (400g Jar)
Zorbi Solidifying Powder (400g Jar)
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Product Details
Zorbi Solidifying Powder (400g Jar)

Solidifies liquid waste in as little as 30 seconds.

  • Super absorbent powder solidifies human waste, fluids, and other liquids to reduce the risks of splashing, to protect equipment and to simplify cleaning.

  • Infection-control friendly. 

  • Less contact and spillage helps to prevent the spread of germs and infections, and therefore cross-contamination.

  • Captures odours.

  • Quick and safe for simpler and more comfortable caregiving.

  • Sodium polyacrylate based powder.

  • 60x to 500x weight absorption capacity.

  • Solidifies liquid or organic waste in about 30 seconds

  • 400 gr (0.88 lb) per jar

  • Single use only

  • Latex-Free

  • How to use :
    Sprinkle the Zorbi powder, as needed, onto the liquid; wait 30 seconds until the powder transforms into a gel; dispose.