iChoice Med-ReminderPLUS with Smart Notifications

iChoice Med-ReminderPLUS with Smart Notifications
iChoice Med-ReminderPLUS with Smart Notifications
SKU: 05-093-B
Price: $69.99
Product Details
iChoice Med-ReminderPLUS with SMART notifications is a medication reminder wrist watch with an LED digital face. Serving as a functional digital watch worn on your wrist, the Med-ReminderPLUS provides medication alerts to remind the user when to take a certain medication. This handy pill reminder stores up to 10 daily alerts.

Med-ReminderPLUS alerts the wearer through three different methods that a pill or other medication should be taken. First, a vibrating wristband alerts the wearer when it is time to take a medication. Second, the digital LED screen displays a glowing color assigned to a specific medicine as a quick reference. And third, the LED screen indicates which medication by name should be taken to ensure the wearer is reminded specifically about the correct medication.

Med-ReminderPLUS comes with color coded disc to be attached to medication bottles. When a certain medication is due to be taken, the digital watch will flash the assigned color, making it easy to find the correct medication to take at the right time. This medicine reminder can also be set up to notify an electronic medical record (EMR) instantly when medications are taken or are missed. Caregivers can also be programmed to receive an email or text when medicine is taken or missed. The LED screen will also provide a "next reminder” for the upcoming medication that is due soon. This screen can also show the wearer which medications have already been taken.

iChoice Med-ReminderPLUS Components
  • 1 Med-Reminder wristband with watch.
  • 1 USB charger.
  • 1 user manual.
  • 1 medical ID card.
  • 7 sets of colored stickers.
iChoice Med-ReminderPLUS Features & Benefits
  • Digital watch function.
  • Programmable for multiple medicine reminder alerts.
  • 3 different alerts provided for each medication reminder.
  • Instantly notifies EMR when medications are taken or missed.
  • Notifies caregivers by email or text when medications are taken or missed.
  • Free downloadable app for smart phones.
  • Daily living aid.
  • Color coded disc attaches to medicine bottle to correspond to the flashing color code on the digital wristwatch to easily identify the correct medication to take.
  • Medication reminder.